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Robert A. Winn Diversity in Clinical Trials: Clinical Investigator Pathway Program (Winn CIPP)

Program Overview

The Robert A. Winn Diversity in Clinical Trials: Clinical Investigator Pathway Program (Winn CIPP), supported by the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, is an immersive summer service-learning externship meant to build a future workforce of community-oriented clinical trial researchers who reflect the diversity of the U.S. population. Winn CIPP offers a distinctive approach to increasing diversity in clinical trials by offering medical students an intensive service-learning experience in underserved communities where underrepresented patients receive care. It is through this work that we hope to transform the clinical research landscape and ultimately improve public health through the development of new drugs, vaccines and therapeutic products that are effective in all populations.

Program Details

Winn CIPP students learn the basics of clinical trials and work in community-based clinical research organizations. During the six-week program, Winn CIPP students are exposed to three core areas:

Clinical Research Students develop short-term, team-based, service-learning research projects in collaboration with site supervisors.

Community Engagement Students develop team-based, service-learning projects where they conduct short-term capacity building interventions. This could include interventions like community needs assessments or implementing patient education, outreach, and/or informational programs. Students design and conduct their projects in collaboration with site supervisors.

Leadership Development Students are introduced to clinical research career development pathways and receive mentoring from their site leaders who support their development of community-oriented clinical research leadership skills. Additionally, a Winn CIPP student is matched with a Winn CDA scholar, who is an early-stage clinical investigator, for at least four mentorship sessions to discuss clinical research career pathways.


Students are awarded a $7,500 stipend for the six-week externship. The stipend is expected to cover travel, living and lodging expenses.

Frequently asked questions

Are US permanent residents (green card holders) eligible to apply for Winn CIPP?2023-09-08T13:50:59-05:00

Yes, US citizens, US permanent residents, and students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) approval are all eligible to apply for Winn CIPP. Proof of status may be required upon acceptance.

How are accepted students for Winn CIPP matched with a program city?2024-01-16T13:16:56-05:00

Factors include applicant preference, local services (i.e., available housing, childcare, etc.), and availability during the program period. Please note the cities are subject to change.

City and site matching may take place after the official award notice.

May I miss a few days of the program?2023-08-25T14:47:45-05:00

Winn CIPP spans only six-weeks, and students may not miss time on site. For prior school-related obligations, students are required to have their time off approved by their site placement and Winn CIPP staff well in advance.

What are my weekly hours for Winn CIPP?2023-08-25T14:46:54-05:00

Most site partners operate on a business schedule (i.e., 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on weekdays), but this may vary by site. Students will follow the schedule established by the placement site.

What deliverables am I expected to submit at the end of Winn CIPP?2023-09-26T16:48:16-05:00

In addition to full participation in programming, students are required to submit a final paper, poster and presentation on their team-based service-learning project. Students will present their work at a culminating event at their site on the final day of the program.

Students will also be required to report on their program participation via surveys, timesheets and weekly status reports.

What is my day-to-day going to be like on site?2023-08-25T14:47:18-05:00

The daily schedule will vary by site. All students will have exposure to clinical research activities, opportunities for community engagement, learning days, meetings with site leaders, and mentoring by an early-career physician.

What kinds of site projects can I expect to work on while participating in Winn CIPP?2023-09-26T16:59:17-05:00

Projects will vary by site but generally include community needs assessments and implementation of patient initiatives (e.g., education, outreach, and/or informational programs). Sites will provide the goal and objectives of the project, but students will have input into design, activities, etc.

Examples of projects completed by previous cohorts included the following:

  • Analyses of ongoing clinical trial enrollment methods and demographics
  • Assessing vaccine accessibility and availability in underserved communities
  • Developing models to increase patient accessibility to treatment (e.g., cancer, mental health, congenital disorders)
Will I have to be vaccinated from COVID-19 to participate in Winn CIPP?2023-08-25T14:48:07-05:00

Yes, each student will need to provide proof of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. Winn CIPP is expanding its COVID-19 vaccine requirement to include a booster shot.

Most sites will require additional health screenings and proof of full series immunizations in order for students to be present on-site. Winn CIPP staff will provide site-specific requirements upon site assignment and will work with the sites to ensure students are ready to go on their first day.

How to apply?

Candidate Profile

Eligible candidates will identify as a student *Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM) and/or from a *disadvantaged background.

  • African American or Black
  • Hispanic or Latino
  • American Indian or Native American
  • Alaska Native (Aleuts, Eskimos, Indians of Alaska), Alaskan
  • Native Hawaiian
  • Pacific Islander
  • Southeast Asian

*Definitions of URiM and disadvantaged background are defined by the NIH.

Citizenship or Immigration Status

Eligible candidates may need to provide proof of US citizenship, US permanent residency or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) approval.

Educational Status

Eligible candidates will be:

  • Current 1st – 3rd year Medical Students
  • Enrolled in MD, MD/PhD, DO or DO/PhD programs in accredited US medical schools, including Puerto Rico